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Phani Murari
Phani Murari

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When to use Class Component and Function Component??

Hello Everyone,

In this post let's understand where to use the Class Component and Functional Component in react

Before diving, Let's start understanding what is a component in react?


Websites or Web Applications developed using react is the combination and interlinking of different Components.

Components let you develop the UI of the website independently and even we can use reusable components to implement a similar UI.

React facilitates the developer with Class Component and Functional Components

Class Components

Class Components are built using ES6 Class

class Welcome extends React.Component {
  render() {
    return <h1>Super Excited to post my first post in Dev Community</h1>;
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Functional Component

The simplest way to write the Component in react is to write a JavaScript function

function welcome(props) {

 return <h1>Super Excited to post my first post in Dev Community</h1>;

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We can use the Arrow Functions as well for the functional Components

const welcome = (props) => <h1>Super Excited to post my first post in Dev Community</h1>;
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Hope we had a short and good recap about the Class and Functional Components

The above two components which are written in class and Functional Components are equivalent from React’s point of view.

Now the major question rises in your developer's mind!

When to use the Class Component and the Functional Component??

To answer this question we need to have a decent understanding of the state of the component.

To recall or revise the concept of the state of the component, I suggest you refer to this.

In class components, the render method will be called, whenever the state of the components changes. On the other hand, the Functional components render the UI based on the props.

Whenever we have the use case with the State of the component and rendering the UI based on the Component State, use the Class Components

Class Components should be preferred whenever we have the requirement with the state of the component.

In the beginner stage of the developer journey, we should be familiar with the Class Components and the Functional Components, As we progress towards the Advanced stage of our developer journey, We are able to understand much more cool stuff provided by React like Hooks

In React version > 16.8, React even facilitates developers with Hooks to use the state and other React features even without writing the Class Component

To know more about Hooks, Refer to this

I love to appreciate your enthusiasm to learn more.

Thanks for Reading!

I'm Phani Murari



Discussion (10)

koolkishan profile image
Kishan Sheth

Your Article was great. But after the React version 16.8 we can use state in Functional Components also, so there is no need to use the class components. In version 16.8 Hooks were introduced and with the use of useState hook we can use the state in functional components also. It is advised that you use Functional components rather than class components by Facebook itself.

Read more about hooks from official documentation.

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piyushmbm45 profile image
Piyush Jain

Its the heading of React website.

fpeluso profile image
Fabio Peluso

The answer is simple, always use function components

dylanesque profile image
Michael Caveney

The only reason to use Class Components with modern React I can think of is if you need to use Error Boundaries since there isn't a function version of these.....yet.

dileepmeghwal profile image
Dileep Kumar Meghwal

Thanks a lot brother! for the clearance about when to uses.

lostcarpark profile image
James Shields

One small correction, it's Function components, not Functional components. You can potentially use functional programming techniques in either class or function components, but nothing in Javascript forces you to.

One thing that's troubling me. I keep seeing sources saying you should switch to function components, but very few reasons given for why it's better.

tsolan profile image

Easier to write, no 'this' messing, less lines, cleaner and much more readeble code.
I think, it's enough.

johnfrommartin profile image
Info Comment hidden by post author - thread only accessible via permalink

Unless you’re stuck in React <16.8, this is outdated information.

As Kishan mentioned, Functional Components now have state via Hooks. React recommends that Functional Components are used over classes, and even will throw warnings about a few Class Component lifecycle methods that are being deprecated.

dev_emmy profile image

nice explanation

amansaxena001 profile image

The answer is shift to vue

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