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Joshua Byrd
Joshua Byrd

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How to get 2x Oracle Cloud servers free forever

This is a follow up to my How to get a Google server free forever post.

In the comments selim13 let me know that Oracle was offering a similar deal but even better!

Oracle also gives free VDS instances.

Each have 1Gb RAM, 1/8 of CPU core and 50 Gb of storage (witch is rather cool). The biggest limitation of those is bandwidth limit of 10 Mbps,still suitable for lots of tasks. I host some demo web sites and proxy on those.

The servers have twice the RAM that Google offers and more Hard Disk space plus 2 CPU cores compared with 1 on Google Cloud. And you get 10 TB outgoing traffic per month compared with 1 GB on Google! As for the 10 Mbps bandwidth limit, it seems that only applies if you enable a load balancer on your virtual network.

Seems like a great deal anyway. Here's how to do it.

Go here and click Start for free. Then enter your country, name, and confirm your email.

Note: my confirmation email went to spam so check there

Sign up

Choose a username and password and make sure you choose a region that includes the always free cloud services.

Choose region

Fill in your address, verify your mobile number, then hand over your credit card details.

Note: unfortunately payment info is required even though they won't actually charge you if you stay on the free tier

Pretty soon they'll send through your access details via email so you can log in. Then you'll get this screen.

Build your server

Click on Create a VM instance and configure your machine.

I switched from Oracle Linux to Ubuntu Linux but other than that I just kept all the defaults. You can change the boot image by clicking Edit in the Configure placement and hardware section.

Edit image


Save the private key

You will not get another chance to do this and will not be able to access the server without it

Click Create and your server will spin up!

Alt Text

Repeat this from Create a VM instance to get your 2nd free server.

That's it! You can connect to your new servers via ssh.

Have fun!

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chan πŸ€–

I'm pretty new to this cloud thing, can I deploy docker in this?

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chan πŸ€–

Thanks, how does it compare to heroku?

Thread Thread
amolo profile image

well, Heroku is a fully managed PaaS.

vetras profile image

can we have dns rules for free too? In other words, could I start a website on this server and expose it on the interwebz, for free ? (even if the URL has oracle naming or whatever)

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Joshua Byrd Author

Yes you can point any domain to the server's IP address. Check out for a free domain. Have fun!