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Resume in JSON: jsonresume-theme-stackoverflow

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Resume in JSON 🤓

A few years ago I discovered jsonresume, a very promising project aimed to provide a json-schema to write a resume.

I immediately got excited and I wrote 2 templates for that: 👨🏼‍💻

  • jsonresume-stackoverflow-theme: code and demo which I am proud of 🕺
  • another one that I actually don't like anymore 😆

My first handcrafted resume template 🌟

The StackOverflow template was my first resume written using web technologies and it has some popularity, I got contributions and features requests. I use it myself as my resume and a bunch of my friends use it too. However, the schema is not very flexible and the last iteration was done 5 years ago json-resume-schema.

The current stack to write a template for json-resume is quite old too: Handlebars.js.

Need for a rewrite 😎

My idea is to fully rewrite my StackOverflow template, (maybe the json-schema too, but this is another story) using different technologies, the most reasonable that come to my mind are:


  • Is anyone interested in that project?
  • Which technologies to do you advice me to choose and why?

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Thank you so much for pointing me to this!
Just yesterday I got an idea of having my resume in a kind of a structured data format. Shame I already wasted a night developing something that already exists though.


You’re welcome.

You didn’t waste time, that is the life of a developer!


Thank you for motivation. I needed this idea. I think to do something like this just with elements of portfolio/personal website which you can print/download as cv. So for me I think to use Js+NodeJs or Js+C/PHP


Very interesting idea, I was just looking for something like that. Congrats on your work, but I think I'll keep looking for something based on markdown.


Thanks Paulo, I will look into that alternative too.

I just have some doubts about md:

  • The format is very free and can lead to dfferent html output
  • how can we predict (and style) the possible sections of the resume? That would mix presentation and data, that is the main reason of having a json CV

Hi! I am not an expert, but I think you're right. Using MD you'll not have an "standard object" to rely on.

By the way, I think you can use some conventions, for example: the first link (#) could be always the header, and something like that

But it was just an idea man, congrats on your work again. It's awesome


I've been using the StackOverflow theme when sharing my resume due to loading errors with the Elegant theme periodically. While migrating my blog I wondered why I didn't include it in the samples. I guess it wasn't out yet?

Very nice! I'd be willing to contribute


probably it was not available by that time, I would be more than happy to have contributors, there are open issues actually


I was just now thinking about doing this with gatsby.