How to manage the configuration of a dev env?

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I keep thinking about the best way to manage a robust infrastructure of a custom dev enviorment.

My best idea is to use ansible for every modification that needs to be done and keep everything in git, but I would like something else, don't know what, a more cleaner way.

So how do you manage your dev enviorment, when we are talking about multiple build servers with CI and a lot of testing going on?

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For servers I use Ansible. For my "personal" dev environment, i.e. my development workstations, I use a github repo with some shell scripts that sets up everything to my liking :)

I'm not sure what you mean with a "cleaner" way. I see Ansible as one of the more simple and clean ways to easily manage a server. I think it probably depends on how you write your playbooks. Try to keep those clean, efficient and idempotent.


For what I have in mind, I would need multiple repos (with ansible) that manage different parts of the infrastructure. So basically, is kind of a pipeline, that part of the tests, are actually mounting some build ISO's, that are being tested on a cluster of vmware, dedicated for this test, then are tested on a baremetal server.

And I want to be able to easily make environment modifications.

Yes if I structure everything well, is going to be easy. But most likely is not going to happened, there are a lot of env parameters on the build nodes that need to be monitored, also nfs shares, and so on.

And I kind of want to have single point of access, and see or edit everything from one platform.

I don't think there is this kind of an app, that can do this.

A monitoring app that integrates ansible, this would be genius.

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