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Pierre-Henry Soria ✨
Pierre-Henry Soria ✨

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Automation: 🤖 Use GitHub's bots to increase your productivity

At the time I write this article, I'm surprised to see that only few of GitHub's users having big projects use effectively the GitHub bots to manage their upcoming issues and PRs (just look at the number of installs for each bot).

However, they can save you a previous time and cleanup and help better the contributors of your project.

Best "Must-Have" ProBots (my top five)

  1. Lock
  2. Stale
  3. Auto-delete branches on PRs, after they are merged.
  4. Request Info when a PR or issue contains either a default title or empty description.
  5. CMTY My favorite one 💖 (only beta access at this time).
  6. ImgBot - To compress all your images of your repo (don't even required a yml config file to run).

I will keep it short for now 🙂 But hopefully it will already help! 💪

Automate your GitHub Repository thanks clever bots

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Nick Taylor

Short and sweet but still helpful. I knew about the stale bot, but not the bots that lock or delete branches.

Thanks for sharing!

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Pierre-Henry Soria ✨

Thanks Nick! You're very welcome 😊

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Saad A. Bazaz

You could try out GrammarlyBot, it's a bot we built to improve grammar in repos.