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Alejandro Vivas
Alejandro Vivas

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React Expense Tracker

Hi all!

Last week was really fun. I've been coding some stuff and had more practice with React. (I work with Vue and Angular, mostly) and I have to say I really love React Hooks!

This time I want to share with you this little Expense Tracker App and I hope some people will find it useful to learn.

Some things you will find:

-React Hooks
-Context API
-Themming (Light and Dark mode)
-Change UI language using React n18next.
-Firebase CRUD
-Firebase Authentication using ReactFire.
-Data visualization with Charts JS.

Demo -->
Repo -->

Any feedback is very appreciated.

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shubhamdevpura profile image

I have tried your code but its giving error can you have help me

harriskeefe profile image

Thanks for posting this. Probably the best expense tracker I've seen yet!

rokaizen profile image

Hola, intente hacer funcionar el codigo pero no pude, cual es la forma correcta de hacerlo funcionar en local ?