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Azure DevOps Demo Generator - Signing In to Another Profile


When trying out new things in Azure DevOps I really like using the Azure DevOps Demo Generator website to quickly spin up a sample environment to work with. I kept running into an issue though where I would see organisations showing up in the Select Organization dropdown box that were not the ones I was working with in the Azure DevOps Portal.

Select Organization

I quicky realised this is probably related to the fact that I have multiple directories linked to the email address I log in with. It proved to be quite challenging to cleanly get signed out of and back in to the right profile, so in this blogpost I'll share the procedure that works for me.


  1. close all browser windows and open a new browser.
  2. go to
  3. once you're signed out, close all browser windows again.
  4. open a new brower and go to and sign in.
  5. select the directory or account on the left side that contains the correct Azure Devops organisations.
  6. go back to the Azure DevOps Demo Generator and sign in.
  7. You should now see the correct organisation(s) in the dropdown.

Azure DevOps Organizations

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