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The database for developers is here

Our team has worked at companies like YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, DigitalOcean, and GitHub, and we've always had to solve the same problem — database scaling.

The story is the same each time... The day 1 stack is chosen to optimize for developer velocity to get that MVP out the door. After some success, years 3 or 4 are spent paying down immense technical debt — mostly due to that early database choice.

Now with PlanetScale, there is a better way. Built on the Vitess engine that powers companies like YouTube, GitHub, and Square, our new database platform is fully integrated with the developer workflow and is set up to take you from idea to IPO.

Try out our free Developer plan today and check out the new functionality that will change how you work with your database, like live database branching and non blocking schema changes.

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Souk Syp.

There's also a quick example with NextJS:

But I stopped when you ask for a credit card to deploy the database. 😬

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This is actually a guide for our old product. Our new platform doesn't require a credit card to get up and running.

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Souk Syp.

Via CLI?

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Marcelo Gonçalves

This post is purely advertising. Nothing to learn or discuss here. Please give us some sense on the technical side. We have a community of devs here. Maybe you guys could even get a better clue on problems to solve, bugs in the platform, etc. Ad only posts are lame!