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Vue: Getting Started

The only thing I love as much as coding in our development profession is teaching! If you follow me you know I am deeply passionate about web development and JavaScript. Recently I created a new course to help developers learn Vue. So if you are ready to learn Vue, please consider watching my new Vue Getting Started course on Pluralsight.

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You can find the Vue course here

Here are the sections/chapters in this course:

  1. Course Overview
  2. Getting Started with Vue
  3. Displaying Data and Responding to Events
  4. Displaying Lists and Conditional Content
  5. Interacting within a Component
  6. Component Communication
  7. Accessing Data
  8. Navigating Vue Apps with Routing
  9. Managing Data State with Vuex

Here is the official course description:

Are you interested in how to use the fundamental features of Vue? In this course, Vue: Getting Started, you will learn foundational knowledge of how to start developing with Vue to create web applications. First, you will discover how to create and run your app with the Vue CLI, and how to build components which are the building blocks of your application. Next, you will learn how to build the user interface with templates, and how to choose the right data binding features. Finally, you will explore how to get and send data with HTTP, add menus to navigate your application with routing, and how to manage data and state with Vuex. When you are finished with this course, you will know all the basics you need to build your own Vue applications.

Top comments (2)

girisagar46 profile image
Sagar Giri

I would love a course with (Vue.js + Typescript)

davidtaylorjr profile image
David Taylor Jr.

Taking this course as we speak. Looking forward to it!