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Pooja Mansukhani πŸ’»
Pooja Mansukhani πŸ’»

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In this lockdown, what new skills have you learned?

They say we should be able to put new things on our resume every 6 months. What skills have you learned since March? Have you utilized this time to update your skills?
For me:

  1. C (on the way)
  2. Git
  3. I finished a few online courses provided by google & TCS.
  4. Attended some advance Angular training.
  5. DS (on the way)
  6. Finally, I decided to start working on my portfolio.
  7. I joined twitter so that daily I can learn new things from twitter dev family too.

If you didn't add any new skills in your resume please start today. Not too much daily try to learn at least two new things. Before sleeping just ask yourself what you learned today? Keep practicing.

Happy Learning, Keep Learning .....

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rozbarnes profile image
Roz Barnes

Love this!
I started an immersive software engineering boot camp, Momentum@Morehouse and I'm super-pumped (also a bit terrified) about my new career path. On the way, I've learned:

  • That I love being a night owl
  • CSS
  • That I really can multi-task like the people on TV!
  • JavaScript (working on it)
  • That therapy is a 'must have' in my budget
  • Python (working on it)
  • That coding can be addictive!
  • Django is not just a movie staring Jamie Fox

Most of all, I've found a home and am building my tribe, my pack and an awesome family in this crazy, wonderful world of technology!

juanfrank77 profile image
Juan F Gonzalez

Well, in this lockdown probably my skill learning can be divided into 80% non-tech and 20% tech-related.

On the tech side, I've learned about Next.js, VIM and due to my job, I'm restarting to pick up Angular, TypeScript, SASS...

I also have a Haskell course, I recently signed up, that I'll be doing on the side. πŸ˜…

girxffe profile image
Callum Lowry

So I finally broke into the JS world.

Coming from a C# Back-end Developer Role it's been something i've long thought about learning however never had the time to do it. So I threw myself in at the deep-end and decided to go all out and make a project using only JS (node & express primarily)

It's been a great experience so far and i'm learning so much!

Nice to see what everyone else has been learning about on here too!

poomansukhani5 profile image
Pooja Mansukhani πŸ’»

Yeah I also feel like everyone is learning in a good way.

riekus profile image
Riekus van Montfort

I’m just going to leave this here: it is ridiculous to assume you would spend your time at home during a global pandemic to learn new skills. Working on your own all day, trying best you can to comprehend what is going on and what is expected of your work is a skill set in itself. Don’t buy into the myth that you need to spend your free time productively, instead focus on mental health, getting some rest and exercising.

That being said, I have learned a lot about graphql, mostly because a couple of projects needed it. And I’ve learned that working from home is not for me.

johnpaulada profile image
John Paul Ada

Started learning Chinese!
Also got started with meta learning strategies.
My next read is Maggie Appleton's Building A Second Brain Illustrated Notes.
They're beautiful!

Also prepping for the DP-100 Certification!

enmanuel97 profile image
Jesus Enmanuel De La Cruz

Well I learned Angular+2 and right now I'm practicing and after that I want to learn Ionic (Because I know angular ) but I really want to learn Flutter.

mekkj98 profile image
keshav jha

I leaned react(ant design, redux, gatsbyjs), django
created a small portfolio too

poomansukhani5 profile image
Pooja Mansukhani πŸ’»

I just saw your portfolio. Its really great. Nice work...
i also learned react lil bit but then got some angular project so not able to continue. I will also try to make one project in react, Thanks for sharing ur skills.

mekkj98 profile image
keshav jha

Thank you so much, I appreciate the compliment.
I liked the ReactJs, Hope you will also find your Interest in it :)
I tried AngularJs a couple of years ago, but I had not much understanding of javascript at that moment, so I found it quite tough. After that never got a chance to learn it or use it in any of my projects.

sisodiya2421 profile image
Abhishek Sisodiya

I have learnt javaScript and polished my skills in HTML, CSS, MySql and Python. Currently, I am learning the basic maths required to get into Machine Learning and by the way, I have also started to work on my portfolio. πŸ˜€

Happy Coding!!

nombrekeff profile image

Yeah, I think they are easier than English as they don't have irregular forms, but there are loads of different conjugations which make it more time consuming to get to know all of them. We don't use many of them in informal jargon, but in formal situations, they are used.

I will be glad to help out sometime if you have any doubts!

sunilvijay profile image
Sunil Vijay

Hey hai pooja, I'm not from Frontend background. But learnt linux kernel performance tuning and some best practices for Agile development. Something more professionally required. And since your are a Frontend beginner would like to give a takeaway for you. Happy Coding πŸ₯‚
Link :

poomansukhani5 profile image
Pooja Mansukhani πŸ’»

Thank you so much for sharing this link. Yeah basically not new in frontend working for last 5 years but yeah in DS & C I am new, So thank. Stay connected,.

poomansukhani5 profile image
Pooja Mansukhani πŸ’»

Can I use this link in my upcoming blog? It will really help me.

Thread Thread
sunilvijay profile image
Sunil Vijay

Sure with pleasure πŸ‘πŸ»

ozakaran profile image
πŸ†– Karan Oza

Cooking bcz it's my hobbyπŸ›
2 courses from online platformπŸ“
Mobile piano some theme musics again hobby🎡
Explore twitter Dev Community (Most useful thing)βœ…
Made 1 YouTube video for my college 🎡
Lose 6kgs still in progress...😜

sarehprice profile image
Sarah Price

I have been learning Japanese (again) and working on building my UX skills. UX is my dream goal and so I'm taking classes online and looking into bootcamps or Master programs as well.

I've also been focusing on improving my programming skills, especially Javascript! I've never been confident with it, so it's my goal to be more confident by the end of the year!

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

I learned MongoDB and Mongoose as well as improving my knowledge of Node and Redux.

poomansukhani5 profile image
Pooja Mansukhani πŸ’»

Great MongoDB is my next task...

manishl39729124 profile image
Manish Lalwani

First read javascript then mongoDB k baare mein soachna waise pata hai kch nhi kregi

herrbertling profile image
Markus Siering

Setting priorities. I answer to my daughter knocking on my office room door even when I’m in meetings. She’s too young to understand what I’m doing there, everybody loves seeing her on video and no meeting is that important that I’d not let her in :D

rodbove profile image
Rodrigo Mello

Did a few things, as well as getting lost with the "free" time as I was unemployed for the most part since then:

  1. Kept my practices on ReactJS and React Native, now I feel comfortable with my knowledge
  2. Finally updated my LinkedIn profile with my tech skills. I came from a different area and I was procastinating in updating as I didn't feel confident enough about my skills. Learned that I have to show up for these things, a lot of oportunities have appeared after it
  3. Solidified Docker knowledge
  4. Worked on some projects for my portfolio
  5. Got into a routine for learning a new language, currently diving on Mandarin for the past months

Always looking to not overwhelm me with the amount of information out there, taking things slow and learning as I can.

Thanks for sharing!

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