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What components do you use to do TDD with Python?

I plan to use pytest, but I would like to know the pros and cons.

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rhymes • Edited

I prefer pytest over unittest. The pros are:

  • you can write tests as functions (you can also use methods in classes like in unittest)
  • the mechanism allows you to group setups that are evaluated only at necessity in a cascading fashion in sub folders
  • the test function explicitly declares what mocks it needs to run
  • fixtures make a great way to organize tests that need a complex setup and tests that can run super fast and have initializers that can be run per session, per test, per file/module
  • there are no custom assertion methods (you use mostly assert and with)
  • it's unittest compatible
  • it has lots of plugins

the cons are:

  • it requires a little bit of time to understand how fixtures work
  • it's one more package to install
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Brett Stevenson

I agree with everything here, except I actually found pytest fixtures to be pretty intuitive.

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Thank you for your very valuable opinion!
This is exactly what I was looking for.

The disadvantages seemed to be fine for me,
I would like to verify using pytest.

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Rebecca Skinner

I don’t practice TDD, but for testing python I’ve been using unittest along with MyPy. MyPy is a huge help in writing good working code and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s very very very far from perfect but it’s also light years ahead of the frustrating buggy mess of trying to write completely untyped code.

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Thank you for your valuable feedback!

I am a python beginner.
I didn't know Mypy, so it was helpful. Thank you again.

I am trying to verify TDD with reference to the unittest code created by my colleague.
If there are advantages to using pytest, I will change to pytest.