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Enhance Communication Capabilities in Your App with These APIs

Communication has always been a crucial aspect of any organization, whether it is speaking with customers or interacting internally through SMS, texting, meetings, push alerts, or survey forms. While adding communication features to applications used to take a long time to do, today it’s a lot easier. Teams can now develop communication channels in less time by leveraging ready-to-use APIs. We’ve put together a list of high-quality communication APIs for you to work with—check out Postman’s new category:

  • Lob API provides you with direct mail and address verification capabilities. It enables businesses to deliver timely, customized, automated physical mail to customers all over the world. Try out this API yourself.
  • WhatsApp Business API, powered by Meta, enables you to send and receive messages programmatically to your own systems or with clients all over the world. Try out this quick, secure, and trustworthy method of communication yourself.
  • Twilio is a platform that allows developers, content creators, and companies to enhance communication channels—such as voice, text, chat, video, and email—by offering amazing and ready-to-use communication features in their applications. Try out their workspace that will empower you to incorporate Twilio API’s features into your application.
  • Survey Monkey, a free online survey tool, allows you to collect the voices and opinions of those who are most important to you and your business. Use this workspace to define and evolve collections for documenting, mocking, testing, and interacting with Survey Monkey APIs.

Explore the entire list of APIs in this category here. Then get hands-on by forking any or all of these popular APIs to your own workspace.

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