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What do you use for server logging?

I am looking for a good logging solution for my newest project. For reference I just nodejs and docker. Scanning docker logs isn't the best solution. On previous projects I used cloudwatch from AWS (which is great) but I want to avoid using any AWS services on this project. Some criteria I'd enjoy.

  • Picks up directly from docker logs no need to change my application code.
  • Well priced. I won't be generating that many logs.
  • Mildly searchable. I don't need to look back on logs that often.
  • 30 day retention. Don't need much more than that.
  • Cloud hosted. I don't want to setup more infrastructure for logging.
  • Preferably run by a smaller company. I like using services away from huge tech companies. For instance I use postmark for emailing.

What do any of you use for your logging services. What do you like about them?

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