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Hack The Box invite code challenge!Its time to begin hack.

Its an open challenge for all programmers & hackers hack the invite code of Hackthebox ,play with this explain your tools & tricks in comment box ~Thankyou.

Hackthebox* is An online platform to test and advance your skills in penetration testing and cyber security. Join today and start training in our online labs.If you want learn ore about pentesting,hacking so hackthebox is one of the best online platform for all beginner's.
But wait Let's talk the fun part to start working on the hackthebox first of all you need to hack it,means you need to get the invite code of this super platform.
Alt Text

I have explained my methods for this challenge below!

My Tools and tricks to hack the invite code of hackthebox:

My First Method:

-> Tools:

  • chrome devtools
  • Burpsuit
  • curl
  • base64

My Second Method:

-> Tools:

  • chrome devtools
  • curl

-> Scripting:

  • Javascript
  • Python script

My Python Script to hack the hackthebox invite code:
Alt Text

So after using curl I found the encrypted message of code and decode the message using my python script.To decrypt the code I used base64 python library and sys library for passing command line arguments.
-> import sys
-> import base64
The Script is avalibale in my github account.`Thankyou
So its a challenge explain your tools & tricks in comment section Hope we will do something amazing with this challenge.

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