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Prabhu Pant
Prabhu Pant

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I made a GitHub repo for data structures and algorithms in Python to help in interview prep

Visit the repo here -

I have been using open source software in my daily life for over 2 years now. The open source community has helped me in my studies, interview preparations and in general to become a better software engineer. The community has given a lot to the world and because of open source, softwares and computers have become so pervasive in our daily lifes. This is the time for me to give something back to the community.

While preparing for my interviews, I did many Leetcode, HackerRank and GeeksForGeeks problems in Python and felt that if there was a GitHub repo where I could find implementations of all data structures and algorithms, it would help many students. So I set out to compile all the problems I did in a single place. Hence I created the python-ds repo.

Feel free to raise issues, file PR and contribute to this repo πŸ˜ƒ

And don’t forget to fork and star πŸ˜‰

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Theofanis Despoudis

I have made several myself:

Maybe I can port some of the questions in python to get points for Hacktoberfest πŸ˜ƒ

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Are there any websites that list multiple data structures / algorithms in multiple languages as a comparison?

If not... we should make one! :)

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Prabhu Pant

That looks great! Sure, go ahead. Contributions are always welcomed :)

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Sayantan Das