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Build 30 JavaScript projects in 30 days:Day 0

This is building 30 projects in 30 days series. I'll be following Wes Bos Javascript30 course for this challenge,the link to which is:

I'll be sharing my approach in every article which may or may not be same as the one mentioned in his videos.

Before starting with this series I'd recommend you to download the starter files in your device, the link to which is here

Process to download starter files ->

  1. Fork the repo by clicking the option in the top right.
  2. Clone repo:

2.a. If you have github desktop installed (which I recommend as it is easier to work with), click on the green colored 'code' option and then click open with gitub desktop. Now the application will automatically clone the repo to your device. After cloning they'll be two options on your screen-> contribute to parent project ( choose this if you want to make contribution to the repo, which in this case, you're not) . Second, for your own use. Choose this one.

2.b. Using git bash: Refer to this article

Now go to the folder where repo has been cloned and congrats there is your starter package! You can copy and paste all the sounds,images etc. to your project folder as per your requirements and use them in your projects.

This is it for today. In my next article, I will discuss the first project, which is a DrumKit.

If you have any doubts or suggestions please do let me know in the comment section. I'll be more than happy to interact with you.

If you like this series and want to be a part of it, do consider following me at @prachigarg19

Thanks for reading. :)

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