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Pradeep Tiwari
Pradeep Tiwari

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Lightpack PHP Web Framework

Hello devs, today I released an alpha version of a new PHP web framework that tries to keep up with the spirit of minimalism yet be flexible, performant, and enjoyable.

It is an attempt for those of you who think it is too much for a framework that tries to be all and spoonfeed projects of all sizes and kinds.

Remember good old days when Codeigniter's simplicity and performance made it the most liked PHP web framework? Keeping in that spirit, Lightpack PHP tries to be modern yet hackable, approachable, and easy to bend as per your requirements.

Please give this alpha release of Lightpack PHP a shot. Let me know what you guys think. May be you might end up liking it and eventually contributing to its philosophy. šŸ‘

Lightpack PHP Github Repo Link

Documentation link

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I think that you have a concept problem about app/framework... Once installed your users will need to delete .git folder to add his own repo. Then, how to upgrade your framework once installed? Also you have a security problem exposing all PHP files on framework root. You need to check your framework with real projects and not only as a framework concept.

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Pradeep Tiwari • Edited

Hey, thanks for your attention. You are right about that. As I said this is an alpha release so I have tried to keep the framework intact without being a separate package. Also about the security issue, in production it is recommended to serve the framework from outside the web root, example using public/ folder. But to make it easy for new devs trying out Lightpack, I want to keep the installation as minimal as possible. Not many devs would like to spend configuring vhosts just for the sake of testing the framework for the first time. So yes, the points you mentioned are in the milestone ahead. May be I will implement those things in the beta release. šŸ‘