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Pranav Viswanathan
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Making a Whatsapp Spammer Using Selenium and Python.

We all have had spamming wars on our group chats before, and they get tiring because of the sheer mundaneness of the task, resending a single message again and again. That's where automation steps in.

Selenium is a web testing library for the robot framework. We're going to be using it today.

  1. Install Selenium:
  • Open a command line with admin privileges.
  • Type in 'pip install selenium'
pip install selenium
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  1. Install Chrome Webdriver:
    • Identify the version of chrome you are using
    • Go to the chrome driver web page and download the required driver.
    • Here as I am using a Windows OS, I downloaded the Win32 zip file. Alt Text
  • After it has been downloaded, extract the .exe file and put it in a drive and file of your choice (It's important to remember where you have saved it).
  1. Check Environment:

    • Go to a python editor of your choice (I use juypter notebook) and try importing selenium. If it runs without error, your setup is successful.
  2. The Code:

    • Now copy down the following code:
from selenium import webdriver
PATH = "C:\Program Files (x86)\chromedriver.exe" # Location of the webdriver file

driver = webdriver.Chrome(PATH)
driver.find_element_by_css_selector("span[title='" + input("Enter name to spam: ") + "']").click()
inputString = input("Enter message to send: ")
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IMPORTANT NOTE : Please change the PATH to where you have saved the .exe file.

  1. The Final Outcome:
    • Using your phone scan the QR code for WhatsApp web and then enter the name and the message you want to spam.

Spammer in Action:

  • Copy and paste the code from above into your editor ( Preferably Juypter Notebook).

  • Run the code. You should be able to see something like the image below. You will also see that a new WhatsApp window opens up.


  • In the 'Enter the name to spam' Section', add the name of the contact or group you wish to spam.

  • In the 'Enter the message to spam', enter the string you wish to send.

  • After you hit enter, check the Whatsapp window, you will see an infinite number of messages being sent to the group/contact.

  • To stop hit Ctrl + C or click on the stop button if you're on Juypter Notebook.


The spammer works just as intended, and is extremely fast. It also provides a good eye-opener into the world of automation.

Commonly Faced Errors:

  • Sometimes, when importing selenium, you may get an import error. Check where selenium is installed and figure out where if the selenium installation and python path match. image

Happy Coding!

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