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Generating code to call a request from Postman

Postman is one of the best tools I have used to call, test and debug my API(s). This morning when I was going through something, I found two brilliant features in postman I wasn't aware of. Postman can generate some request calling code for you and can generate documentation as well. For those who aren't aware, Yes that's true!

I have created a sample API in C#, which looks like this:

// POST api/values
public ActionResult<string> Post([FromBody] string value)
   return ""+value+" is posted";
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Now to call this API in Postman, it will look something like this:

Post API

Now, to generate some code on to call this request, there is a Code button on the top right. Click on it to see the options where you can see a no of languages to generate the code. It looks something like this:

Code button in postman

When you click on this code button, a pop-up menu like this will appear:

Code clicked

Now, you can see there is a code snippet and a drop down from where you can select a no of options, as to for which you want to generate the code. The options available are:


Now, click on any of the options, where you will see the code. Copy the code and paste it in your IDE and run!

It would look something like this:

It's done! As simple as that.

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Dunna Avinash

How can I generate code for an entire collection at once?