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How to get production access to AWS Simple E-mail Service

Here I will tell you about how you can get production access for the AWS SES. If you have any website and you want to send emails to your users and want to get so many subscribers to your blog or for your website then it's a good choice to send them emails and remind them about your website. So there are so many websites that will provide you this type of service for email marketing. But some of them are very expensive and some of them are cheaper. Here we are choosing AWS Simple E-mail service because its pricing is not much as compare to other services.

Pricing for AWS SES

AWS Pricing

For sending emails from AWS SES you need an AWS account and in this free account you don't have any production access to your SES service but its the sandbox access, means that you can only send emails to the verified emails from your SES dashboard, so for production access you have to request higher sending quotas for email.


Requesting a quota increase

So requesting a higher sending quota for Amazon SES, open a case in AWS Support Center, here is the link to the instructions
Amazon docs

You have to describe your use case effectively because if you do not describe it correctly they will not accept your request. So you have to convince them that you are not misusing their service. I also applied it for and here is my use case description.

Use Case

I added my official website and described how I am managing the bounce emails, complaints
and unsubscription and they give me the production access to the service.

AWS Reply.

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