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[Idea Discussion] Development Environments as a service

[Problem Statement] Spinning off a developer environment for a feature testing is a pain. Developers either have to wait for a devops to give an environment or wait for any of the existing environments to be free to test their feature. This severely affects developer productivity.

[Solution] On demand developer environments as a service with a single click. Wouldn't it be life-saving if one could get environments and required services (databases, memory storage, third party services like sendgrid, etc.) with a single click?

Let me tell you a bit more:
All of these environments are

  1. fully isolated
  2. secure & private
  3. accessible
  4. robust
  5. scalable
  6. ephemeral or permanent (whichever way you like)

& there's a super simple way to spin off environments (dev, prod, permanent, ephemeral) directly from:

  1. Web
  2. IDE
  3. CLI

Furthermore, you can connect microservices with each other & test the entire stack end-to-end.

Easier said than done, right? Well, we've taken the first baby step towards it & have an MVP that lets you spin off developer environments from your IDE & CLI (web version on it's way).
We are looking for some early customers to give us feedback on our current product and get a sneak peek of our web product. If you'd like to get access, please fill out this form -

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