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Best Telegram Channels for Developers

If you would ask us to choose between WhatsApp and Telegram then we would definitely choose Telegram. While WhatsApp is good for chatting with your friends and relatives but it is not that productive.

There is hardly any group that provides good knowledge and is free of spam. On the other hand, Telegram offers so many functionalities for people having Interest in coding, development and other tech skills.

Telegram has acquired more than 365 million lifetime downloads as of August 2019. Telegram bots and channels are the major factors in this growth. Anyone having programming knowledge can create their own bots and can allow their global use.

Apart from that Telegram allows the creation of channels that are similar to YouTube channels. The creator can share content regularly on the channel and people can subscribe to different channels.

Now as here we are the community of developers and coders so we are mentioning some best Telegram channels list that can help you in your programming journey. They are not focused on specific language or skill and you can join them as per your choice.

1 Data Science by

As the name suggests it shares the latest trends, news, updates, and case studies related to Data Science. The username is @opendatascience

2 Data Flair

They regularly share updates about trending technologies including Big Data, Hadoop, Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, etc. The username is @dataflair

3 Python Pundits

Great for those who are just starting with Python and want to learn it from scratch. They have currently shared 30 tutorials and they regularly share new tutorials. The username is @pythonpundits

4 Coding News

Regular updates with high-quality articles, videos, and tutorials about programming. Languages include HTML, CSS, JS, TypeScript, React, Angular, Electron, Node, Vue and more. The username is @codingnews

5 Web Dev

Great Telegram channel for web developers either beginners or working professionals. Regular updates on new web development trends, news, technologies. The username is @webdev_eng

6 Android ResId

Sharing the best content and resources related to Android Development. Join and get to know the best working tips for coding your next Android app. The username is @androidresid

7 Python Resources

Sharing amazing resources for Python Developers. The username is @pythonres

8 Amazing PHP

Some people might hate PHP but it is the language that helped in building so many famous websites including Facebook and WordPress.
The username is @phpme

9 Programming Challenges

The more challenges you will face the better programmer you will become. This channel lets you solve programming problems on a regular basis. The username is @prograchallenges

10 LinuxGram

Sharing latest news, technologies, best practices, and updates about Linux. They currently have more than 42k subscribers. The username is @linuxgram

11 GitHub Repos

Featuring some of the best GitHub Repositories which you can check and learn from. The username is @github_repos

12 Best UI/UX Ideas

They share the best UI and UX design across the world. Some are shared as pictures and some are shared as videos. The username is @best_UI_UX_designs

So these were some amazing Telegram channels that we thought to share with you all. Hope they would be of some help for you people out there.

Do like and share if it helps.

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Ziv Peer

Welcome to My Telegram Channel :)
-Interesting posts for web developers
-Music for programmers
-Wallpapers for Mobile and etc.
Join :)

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Faber Andrés Vergara

The number 5 now is

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Amin M. Boulouma • Edited

Here is a python telegram group to join as well: