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Google Summer of Code - can any organizations help me contribute?

presto412 profile image Priyansh Jain github logo ・1 min read  

I'm still an undergrad, and the GSoC program has fascinated me. I've browsed a lot of organizations, and just wanted to know if there are any people on who could guide me to contribute more to their open source projects featured on GSoC.
I can work with Python, C/C++, JavaScript, and Golang.

Do let me know if you can help!

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FOSSASIA is a pretty active organization, beginner friendly and has projects in all kinds of languages. The processing foundation is also a good starting step stone.


I remember back when I was in the same situation! GSOC 2015! Let me give you an advice which is exactly the opposite of what I did: talk to people, go to the IRC or slack channels and actively say you wanna help! That's the best way to find someone

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