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Priyansh Jain
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Project Overkill?

I just got this dumb idea here at 2:36 AM IST, it's called Project Overkill.

Basically, use the most overkill software/tool/library for everything in this project (the opposite of YAGNI principle

For example, we can have a very simple CRUD app.
But for this, I'll use

  • fault tolerant k8s/openshift and dockerised GraphQL based APIs that are in the form of separated microservices in different languages (for Auth, processing, mailer) with load balancers
  • Kafka as the message queue for these microservices
  • Kong as the API gateway
  • Cassandra/some blockchain db as the database complete with sharding and replication and encryption
  • VueJS for the sign-up page, react for post-login actions
  • Monitoring via Prometheus, grafana
  • logging via ELK stack
  • complete CI/CD using Jenkins scripted pipelines
  • DDos protection via cloudflare and recaptcha for POST call pages

What ideas do you people have for creating the dumbest most overkill project?
I believe it would be a good learning experience, going hands-on with all of these tools

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Ben Halpern

During the height of blockchain hysteria, the more complicated, convoluted and absurd you could make your idea sound, the more money got thrown your way.

It was obvious lunacy at the time and it's still obvious lunacy looking back.

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Priyansh Jain

Absolutely, and I'm glad the 'phase' is over

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Alvarez García

This is a real history, for a web only showing a maintenance img someone send me a mail with this body: "Please send me ASAP the maintenance image because the Wordpress is deployed and ready to display it".