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Process Analytics - August 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the Process Analytics monthly newsletter.

The goal of the Process Analytics project is to rapidly display meaningful Process Analytics components in your web pages using BPMN 2.0 notation and Open Source libraries.

Although August is usually a time of vacation and rest, the project team worked hard to propose many new elements in our project:

  • a new website
  • the new logo
  • the new R library (BPMN Visualization)
  • the BPMN Visualization (JavaScript/TypeScript) library

The Process Analytics Project website

website first screenshot

We finalized the first version of the Process Analytics project website πŸŽ‰

This site brings together all the information related to the project, especially what is necessary to make it easier for you to get started:

  • the project goals

  • the available libraries and tools,

  • the related articles and posts

In August, we worked specifically on better describing the goals of the project. We also added screenshots to illustrate some use cases that the project may already cover.

Last but not least, we've tweaked the site to look good on mobile devices.

website second screenshot

New project logo

We have also refreshed our logo which is now available in two flavors: blue and white.

Project logo

BPMN Visualization - R Package library

The Process Analytics team has also started a useful new project/library for the R ecosystem: BPMN Visualization - R Package.

Using this library, you can visualize a process on a BPMN diagram, along with its execution data, in R projects (RStudio, Shiny applications, etc) in Process Analytics or Process Mining.

BPMN Visualization - R Package is based on the experimental implementation we made in June. You can use this new package in place of the experimental one that has been archived.

For the next months, we will be working on the following topics:

  • Release the first public version and make it available on CRAN.

  • Ability to customize the style of the BPMN Diagram.

  • Ability to customize the style of overlays and choose their position on the BPMN Diagram.

BPMN Visualization JS/TS library

In August, we released 2 versions: 0.18.0 & 0.19.0.

We provide better examples and have improved the BPMN support and rendering as shown below.

New BPMN support: Group

BPMN Group

New BPMN support: Call Activity calling Global Task

The Call Activity icon is based on the one for Global Task.

Call Activity icons

BPMN rendering improvement

All activities have the same rounding whatever their size.

Before Now
rounded activity in past versions rounded activity now

Plans for the future

Here are the topics we will be managing in the coming months:

  • Create new examples to demonstrate other Process analytics / Process Mining use cases.

  • Be ready to receive contributions for Hacktoberfest 2021

  • Add more tests to be able to upgrade mxGraph (the technical library in charge of the final rendering) to the latest version.

That’s All Folks!

We hope you enjoyed the August project news and are looking forward to
what September will bring.

In the meantime, to stay on top of the latest news and releases, follow
us through:

Cover photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

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Nicolas Chabanoles

Nice website!
I am looking forward to use the R package. Graphically representing the data in RStudio seems useful!