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Process Analytics - May 2022 News

Welcome to the Process Analytics monthly news 👋.

As you know, the goal of the Process Analytics project is to rapidly display meaningful Process Analytics components in your web pages using BPMN 2.0 notation and Open Source libraries.

Spring continues🦄. Perhaps, it was generous with Easter eggs 🥚this year? For sure, the sun is here 🌞 (North hemisphere) or the wind blows 💨 (South hemisphere).

On our side, the project team worked very hard in May to propose new elements in our Process Analytics project. These include:

  • website updates
  • bpmn-visualization (JavaScript/TypeScript) library improvements

Website updates: Announcing the “Model Generation Application”

In December news, we presented the BPMN Layout Generator component.

In May, we introduced the 📣 “Model Generation Application”, an upcoming demonstration tool, built with Process Analytics components that generates process diagrams from event logs 👀.

⏩ Visit the Model Generation Application page on the Process Analytics website to learn more.

Model Generation Application preview

Model Generation Application preview

bpmn-visualization JS/TS library

In May, we released 3 versions: 0.23.2, 0.23.3 & 0.24.0.

New Zoom API 📚

This Zoom API allows you to easily zoom in and out using zoom buttons.

Watch the following demo of bpmn-visualization to get a quick overview. 👇

zoom with buttons

Zoom in/out with zoom buttons

New TypeScript example in the browser 🎁

A new example is now available at CodeSandbox to play with the bpmn-visualization TypeScript API.

It adds to the already existing JavaScript examples hosted on CodeSandox and CodePen.

TypeScript template at CodeSandbox

TypeScript example with CodeSandox

GitHub repository figures 😻

In May, the bpmn-visualization repository welcomed Pull Request #2000, which means that more than 2000 Issues and Pull Requests have been created since the beginning of the project.

We thank all our users and contributors 🤗 for this achievement.

That’s all folks!

We hope you enjoyed this May project news update and we are looking forward to what the summer will bring 👋.

In the meantime, stay on top of the latest news and releases by following us:

Cover photo by Vitolda Klein on Unsplash

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