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Aman Jaswal
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What is Yellow Duck? How do we use Yellow duck?

If you try to live stream into Instagram from your desktop, you would not be able to. For that you can use a live streaming software called OBS.

OBS uses a unique streaming key and a server link to live stream into your account but Instagram doesn't offer these.

Now comes Yellow Duck to your rescue.

How do you use the yellow duck in OBS?

Alt Text

You login to Yellow Duck using your Instagram account, and voila!

You get your account's stream key and server link

Now, you can use these in OBS and you'll able to live stream into your Instagram account from your desktop.

OBS also used for live streaming into Facebook or YouTube and many other social links simultaneously.

(there are other live streaming software as well, OBS is just the most popular)

I hope this helped !!
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