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Aman Jaswal
Aman Jaswal

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Yellow Duck “Oops! An error has occured. Please, restart the application to get latest update.”

Are you are facing this error when you first opened Yellow Duck??

This error occurs because of space in the path name

If your Yellow Duck program folder is the path C:/Users/User Name/program

What Yellow Duck does is that it ignores a section of the path name User Nameand looks for files in C:/Users/User/program, which obviously doesn't exist.

Error will occur if your path looks similar to this

Alt Text

How to resolve this issue ?

You need to move the folder that contains YellowDuck.exe .
The folder's name will also be yellowduck

The path of this folder will usually look like this:
C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Local\Programs\yellowduck

Either copy or move this folder named yellowduck and paste it to another directory C:\yellowduck

Something like this

Alt Text

Now, reopen the Yellow Duck App. It should probably run.
This process resolved this error for me.

You can try and comment if it doesn't work for you.
I'll try to look for other methods.

Now if few of you are wondering what Yellow Duck is, a short answer is here:

If you try to live stream into Instagram from your desktop, you would not be able to. For that you can use a live streaming software called OBS.

OBS uses a unique streaming key and a server link to live stream into your account but Instagram doesn't offer these.

Now comes Yellow Duck to your rescue.

Alt Text

You login to Yellow Duck using your Instagram account, and voila!

You get your account's stream key and server link

Now, you can use these in OBS and you'll able to live stream into your Instagram account from your desktop.

OBS also used for live streaming into Facebook or YouTube and many other social links simultaneously.

(there are other live streaming software as well, OBS is just the most popular)

I hope this helped !!
Happy to learn

If the solution doesn't work, you may try this solution shared from Janet B. Yellen

Navigate to File Explorer>Quick Access>$AppData$>Roaming>Yellowduck>Settings> change the two 'False' values to 'True". Save the File. Relaunch Yellowduck.

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felipemendesbass profile image

I have this same problem. I'm a Mac OS user, how do I solve this problem?

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Aman Jaswal

Have you tried to resolve it using the given solution??

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