Beginning my Journey as a web developer

propratik1405 profile image Pratik Saria ・1 min read

Till now I have learned HTML, CSS, and javascript. But I don't know what to do next can anyone Guide me please because sometimes i think that I should learn PHP and MySQL then I think I should learn react and express.I am totally messed up . Please Guide me


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Hey Patrik! Nice job learning all that!!

In my opinion you should continue wit JS; No matter if you wanna do forntend or backend, javascript can handle both

Cheers! and keep up the good work!


Thank u Cornea Sir, Even I think that learning javascript is more essential as it can be used both in front-end and back-end, and Sir do you think that learning react for me now can be beneficial for me. Please answer.


As @adnan said, it wold be beneficial for you to start on a project using JS and see where it takes you; Let's say create an To Do list App in vanilla Js and see how the data flows

After that you can start a project where you connect to an external API just to get some data dynamically; See what problems are involve with that;

As an advice from my personal struggles, please don't start big projects for learning, because you are much more likely to lose interest and focus;
I suggest working on one week projects


Thank you Sir, Will definitely follow your advice.


After learning javascript, I suggest you to learn react and docker. These will be crucially helpful for your career.


I would advise working on a couple of projects beforehand. If you're into frontend more, you can try to find a couple of free designs on dribbble or some other resource of your preference and try developing it.

While you're at it, perhaps make use of some of the html5 features like article or figure or up your css game with animations, try using pre-processors like sass, theming etc.

For javascript, don't just limit yourself on DOM manipulation for example, try checking out custom events, es6, callbacks, async etc.

If you're more into backend, perhaps try creating a webserver, or an api.

Good luck on your journey!


Thank you so much Sir for your kind response.I am more into front-end because i am just beginning and i honestly don't know anything about the backend work So,I think currently i will work on front end random projects which will help me sharpen my HTML and bootstrap skills and when i am done with the front i will work on the backend.


Hey Pratik,

I agree with the other comments. A solid foundation in JS is a good way to go. Adding frameworks like React on top of that are always sought after skills.