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Flattening a Javascript Object

Flattening a javascript object is a very common question asked in UI Interviews.

Flattening deeply nested object can be easily achieved by using recursive technique.

The code depends on how a flattened object should look like...

// input
var user = {
  name: "Vishal",
  address: {
    primary: {
      house: "109",
      street: {             
        main: "21",
        cross: "32"

  user_name: "Vishal",
  user_address_primary_house: "109",
  user_address_primary_street_main: "21",
  user_address_primary_street_cross: "32",


  1. Iterate over keys of the object
  2. Append child key name into the parent key name
  3. If the child key's value is an object again call the same function
  4. Else assign key to the new value


var flattendObj = {};
const flattenObject = (obj, keyName) => {
  Object.keys(obj).forEach(key => {
    var newKey = `${keyName}_${key}` 
    if (typeof obj[key] === "object") {
      // calling the function again
      flattenObject(obj[key], newKey);
    } else {
      flattendObj[newKey] = obj[key];

Recursion is magical, if you know where to stop. πŸŒ€

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This will not pass in many test cases. Its not a right code.