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My Experience at YourQuote (Social Network)


YourQuote is a social writing platform where you can post your Original thoughts and Quotes, you can socialise based on your writing and reading interest. It has both Mobile App and Web App.

You can explore, read and share quotes without logging.


After a fantastic discussion with Harsh Snehanshu(CEO) and Ashish Singh(CTO), Ashish decided to give me a problem statement to solve which will decide my journey with Yourquote.
After waiting for a day with excitement, I received a problem statement which is explained in detail at the end of this post.
Tried to provide a probable solution to Ashish on the same day, he suggested some optimisations and I was able to quickly present the modified solution.
Next day Harsh Notified me that I am in, super happy I was.


Joined YQ within a month and came to know that Ashish and whole Backend team is going on trekking that sounded cool and scary as all the responsibilities came on my shoulders now.

First Challenge

First Challenge was to keep up the server in the absence of Ashish, and no one expected that celery workers will mess up.
Notifications got affected due to some problem in celery workers, some how was able to fix that issue, after that there was no looking back.

YQ Web Resurrected


YQ website was written in jQuery to serve for SEO needs, but performance and UX was not very satisfactory, so we started planning to revamp it to achieve SEO and Performance.
I am huge fan of Vue.js and hence I figured out a way of doing SSR with Vue.js which can serve for SEO and Performance. We sat with the design team and development kicked off in no time.
Within 30 working days we were able to completely revamp the YQ website.
Rendering of web pages was so fast, transitions were so smooth, I felt like everyone falling in love with me and YQ web.
Info → YQ web alexa rank is improved drastically, now under 1500 in India.

Business Model

YQ is facing tough time as of now due to funding crunch.
Well, YQ knows how to survive and YQ family is so supportive that they will not let YQ die.
Getting some support from google ads as of now.
You can also support YQ by using YQ premium from YQ Store, publish your quote books from YQ Book Store


Interview Problem Statement

Think of User to User Recommendation Engine, figure out optimised ways to store the recommendations and process them efficiently, also figure out how to serve those recommendation to client machine.
Lately I initiated this project using dGraph.


Closing Words

YQ is love, YQ team is bunch of some really intelligent, calm and humble people. Try YQ once, you will fall in love with it.

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