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Side project which became a mind-blowing automated IDE


I would love to showcase my project that I have spent the last 6 months of work on. I hope my hard work will not only help beginners to start coding fully reactive web apps, but also more advanced developers/freelancers deliver projects faster to clients.

I would like to point out that using my project is FREE and it does not need any registration or payments after the trial period.
The whole idea is pretty complex and i could talk about it for hours but long story short - it is IDE packed with automation tools and built in Framework connected with Widgets repository (over 60 widgets at the moment).

My aim is 'simple', lower the tech barrier for beginners and significantly speed up the work of more advanced web developers.

So how does it work?

The IDE is connected with the Widget repository that you can install within a couple of clicks inside your project. It builds prototypes of your web app in a matter of minutes. The Code editor is splitting HTML on smaller parts (slots) and generating isolated CSS files allowing you to edit specific parts of your app without interfering with the rest of it. It's not only helping you find what you need faster in larger projects, but it also makes your code clean and easy to edit. Another plus of this solution is that it eliminates the problem of naming classes. As long as you follow the guidelines of The Framework you can name all 'headers' in the same way, and you will still be able to edit just the one that you would like to. The IDE also generates all the necessary glue code while you create new pages or JavaScript files leaving you with a flat file structure. Another feature is the Reusable Slot', no more repetition. You can implement nav bars, footers, cookie consent notices etc. with just one line of code.

These are just a couple of the features but I don't want to stop you any longer. Just go and test it yourself.
Here is the project website:

Here is a repository with a framework that is built in the IDE. Feel free to leave any comments and suggestions at:

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Also take a look to my Collaborative IDE(Live Share) with Video calling support and Canvas drawing Board that is also shareable in realtime..

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