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Puppet’s Migration to Jira Cloud next Friday

⚠️ Update:
Some projects have been reverted. By this we mean that the Jira Cloud version has been marked as read-only and the canonical version has reverted again to the existing version.

We took this step because we're migrating projects iteratively, meaning that internal projects are still running on our good old Jira Server instance. Unfortunately, linking between different instances is not possible, and this made work-in-progress epics that used these tickets un-closable.

Unsurprisingly, engineers aren't super happy about not being able to mark their work as complete and the required projects were reverted in order to unblock their progress.

The public projects are still viewable with all information up until the migration, but moving forward we are going to need to re-evaluate how to interact with the public. More on that to come, so watch this space! We have identified any ticket that was filed on the public JIRA instance while it was live and will be reconciling that with our internal instance.

See the table below for the status of each project.

Puppet’s public facing Jira projects will be moving to a new Jira Cloud instance at starting on Friday 2023-03-10. See the attached list for all the projects being migrated.

If you have been identified as a user in the Puppet Jira instance at, then you should also have received an email with these instructions.

The migration will begin at 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time Friday 2023-03-10. The migration is expected to be completed by 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time Sunday 2023-03-12. Once the migration is complete, the listed projects will be accessible at, and archived in the Puppet Jira instance at

Please do not make any changes to these projects after the beginning of the migration at 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time Friday 2023-03-10, as the changes may not be migrated.

If you already have an Atlassian account registered with the email address you used at, that account will be granted access to Puppet’s Jira Cloud instance. If you did not already have an Atlassian account, you will first need to reset your password to use it with Puppet’s Jira Cloud instance. To do that, visit the Atlassian password reset page, enter your email address, and a password reset link will be emailed to you. If you would prefer not to keep your Atlassian account, you can delete it following Atlassian's instructions.

Got more questions? Stop by Office Hours next Thursday at 11am Pacific Standard Time.

Project Key Status
Beaker BKR
Community Package Repository (Archived) CPR
Contributor License Agreement CLA
Documentation DOCUMENT
Editor Services (Archived) EDITSVCS
Facter FACT reverted
Hiera HI
HOCON (Archived) HC
Impact Analysis Service (Archived) IAS
Infrastructure Automation Content IAC
Internationalization INTL
Leatherman LTH
MCollective MCO
MCollective Plugins MCOP
Modules MODULES reverted
Native Puppet NPUP
Network Device Types NETDEV
Puppet PUP reverted
Puppet Agent PA reverted
Puppet Catalog Preview PRE
Puppet Communications Protocol РСР
Puppet Development Kit PDK
Puppet Enterprise ENTERPRISE
Puppet Forge FORGE
Puppet Integrations Engineering PIE
Puppet Server SERVER reverted
Puppet Strings PDOC
PuppetDB PDB reverted
Trapperkeeper TK

Top comments (2)

jessereynolds profile image
Jesse Reynolds

Will links to issues work after the migration? Eg will the following URL be redirected to the new URL?

binford2k profile image
Ben Ford

Unfortunately there will not be due to the fact that only the public projects are migrating at this point. The internal projects will be finished in a couple months and at that point, we can put in a redirect -- but at that point it may not be as important?