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The trick to learning to program

Some time ago I was working on a project with certain people who have a degree in systems engineering from the university. well ... what was the trick that I used to learn to program in basically any language.

Draw several conclusions that I am going to name.

  1. ** Know the logic of programming **

logic is fundamental, and I will put it for you with a phrase taken from a philosopher that I like very much "... Therefore the ideology of empiricism cannot be functionally dispersed from the ideology of rationalism, since without logic as a foundation it is very difficult for you to empirically know the basis, the foundations of things, something that pure empiricism ignores and that pure rationalism exaggerates "basically what the phrase means is that the logic of programming is the initial foundation of all programming languages since all without exception use the same programming logic base and change some main phrases.

  1. ** Create your own tools **

The great advantage of programming and more in my cybersecurity sector is that you have the possibility of programming ideas, example: a person manages to sneak a reverse shell, good with your experience and your programming logic, you know you are going to pull netcat to see what port you got the reverse shell sneaked in, you are going to use metasploit to try to sneak a remote powershell into the adjacent device to emit ddos ​​packets and evade the reverse shell ..

Well now, knowing the commands you are going to use, you are going to program a small tool that will automate that for you.

For this work specifically, we can go through two lines of work, the easy and the difficult

the easiest is to work with the BASH language
The difficult one is to work with R and assembler a small emulation of BASH and on that emulation pull bash commands

Without more, as I always say Good Luck Have Fun

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