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Quentin Ménoret
Quentin Ménoret

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How do you share tips, knowledge and content with your teammates?

What are the best ways you've seen to share content with your team, for instance:

  • Articles, podcast and videos that you’ve found interesting
  • Tips on something related to your job
  • Best practices
  • Decisions

Personally we use:

  • A stack overflow private team, to ask questions and document the answers. That works pretty well!
  • We have a #dev-hot-tips channel on slack to share small but useful tips (like how to activate Github dark theme, or sharing a useful IDE plugin)
  • We’ve created a newsletter to share content about JavaScript and Ruby. This is nice because it allows us to share our learnings internally and outside of the company. Also, some readers share really interesting articles with us as well.
  • We’ve implemented a RFC process to make decisions in a distributed way, and to be able to document them.
  • We also have a Github wiki for documentation (currently migrating to Confluence), but this is harder to maintain than stack overflow at the moment.

I'd love to hear your recommendations!

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Volker B. Duetsch • Edited

I use with several boards. One board to share notes, tips, a kind of knowledge base, best practices etc.
For more in depth information I use with often also for whole project documentation / dev documentation / user documentation.

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Quentin Ménoret

Thanks for sharing!
Won't the board get crowded with too much things? How do you keep it simple?
For the docs I guess you keep it in the repo? Not too much trouble keeping it up to date? We tend to struggle a bit with that sometimes

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Volker B. Duetsch

One card per topic, with subtasks. needs some comittment in the beginning but works fine.
Git repo, everyone can write down its findings, so reading the commit history will keep you up-to-date.

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Stephanie Morillo

We have an internal Wiki that we use extensively to share processes and other documentation. We use various chat channels for sharing fun stuff and interesting industry news.

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Quentin Ménoret

I forgot to mention the Code Tours, amazing tool to share knowledge!