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How I started contributing to open source

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I'm going to do it! 💪

It's now been more than 3 years since I started my career as a javascript developer and it's been a while since I wanted to start contributing to open source.

Why didn't I start before? Because like many I think, I was a victim of the imposter syndrome. A very good article on the subject that I found here. A feeling that some people should know but nevertheless powerful. 😰

The hacktoberfest was an opportunity for me to start (or an excuse? 🤭).Small contributions to start like on the Yvonnick Frin repository on gitmoji-changelog where I did for example:

a PR on the addition of .editorconfig file

a PR on updating the README file to include instructions for use with npx.

#110 ✨ Add npx instruction on README #123

I tried to use npx and it works ! 🎉

I've just updated the README with instructions

thank you for validating them 🙏

And that's not all, on the carloscueta repository where I proposed 2 PRs on adding gitmoji.

addition of the emoji 💂

Add emoji guard #339


Add 💂‍♂️ for adding PR and issue templates (#321)


  • [x] All tests passed.

addition of the emoji 💫

✨ add dizzy emoji #340


Add 💫 for animation (#309 )


  • [x] All tests passed.

which are still awaiting validation.

That being said, contributing, seeing your work validated and integrated into different products, gives you a sense of pride 🤩 A sense of belonging to a caring community with which I know I will continue to learn a lot. It pushes me to go further in side-project (which I would put in public on Github of course) and to continue to contribute and to be able to bring my paw!

This hacktoberfest is only the beginning of the journey!🥳

hackatoberfest successful

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Majse14 • Edited on

Hello! any other PR`S recomendation for beginners?

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quentinncl Author

Hello !
Do you participate to Hacktoberfest ? because on their website they give a lot of repo where you can contribute even (and specially) if you're a beginner ! (welcom to the world of code btw !) or if you want you can search by hacktoberfest tag on github directy et filter by your favourite language !

for example : github search

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Sayantan Das

This post blew up on DEV in 2020:

js visualized

🚀⚙️ JavaScript Visualized: the JavaScript Engine

As JavaScript devs, we usually don't have to deal with compilers ourselves. However, it's definitely good to know the basics of the JavaScript engine and see how it handles our human-friendly JS code, and turns it into something machines understand! 🥳

Happy coding!