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How I started contributing to open source

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I'm going to do it! 💪

It's now been more than 3 years since I started my career as a javascript developer and it's been a while since I wanted to start contributing to open source.

Why didn't I start before? Because like many I think, I was a victim of the imposter syndrome. A very good article on the subject that I found here. A feeling that some people should know but nevertheless powerful. 😰

The hacktoberfest was an opportunity for me to start (or an excuse? 🤭).Small contributions to start like on the Yvonnick Frin repository on gitmoji-changelog where I did for example:

a PR on the addition of .editorconfig file

a PR on updating the README file to include instructions for use with npx.

#110 ✨ Add npx instruction on README #123

I tried to use npx and it works ! 🎉

I've just updated the README with instructions

thank you for validating them 🙏

And that's not all, on the carloscueta repository where I proposed 2 PRs on adding gitmoji.

addition of the emoji 💂

Add emoji guard #339


Add 💂‍♂️ for adding PR and issue templates (#321)


  • [x] All tests passed.

addition of the emoji 💫

✨ add dizzy emoji #340


Add 💫 for animation (#309 )


  • [x] All tests passed.

which are still awaiting validation.

That being said, contributing, seeing your work validated and integrated into different products, gives you a sense of pride 🤩 A sense of belonging to a caring community with which I know I will continue to learn a lot. It pushes me to go further in side-project (which I would put in public on Github of course) and to continue to contribute and to be able to bring my paw!

This hacktoberfest is only the beginning of the journey!🥳

hackatoberfest successful

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Majse14 • Edited

Hello! any other PR`S recomendation for beginners?

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Hello !
Do you participate to Hacktoberfest ? because on their website they give a lot of repo where you can contribute even (and specially) if you're a beginner ! (welcom to the world of code btw !) or if you want you can search by hacktoberfest tag on github directy et filter by your favourite language !

for example : github search

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Sayantan Das