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How I passed AZ-900 (as a 16 year old)?

Hello there! So, you are beginner starting to prepare for the Microsoft AZ-900 Exam? Are you overwhelmed by all the new concepts you have to learn about? No need for that, passing the AZ-900 Exam is actually way simpler that you might think. Heck! I passed it as a 16 year old with 955/1000 score, hopefully that's enough to motivate you. In This blog I will be guiding you in simple and concise words on how you can study and pass the exam with flying colours!

We will look at the most simple and beginner-friendly pathway to study for the exam, this includes all the resources you will be needing (I will also sprinkle in some of my personal favourites). I will give you some tips and tricks as well. Lastly, I will let you in on a little secret, The shortcut to success! (I mean dumps or past-exam-questions).

How much knowledge you need prior?

To be honest, a person who is novice in computers will be perfectly alright! AZ-900 is meant for beginners, it does not expect you to have much experience in the field. This certification is great to have under your belt. If your desire is getting your feet wet with tech and cloud, you are walking down the right path.

How much time will it take?

After cutting all the time wasted procrastinating, I spent roughly about 2-3 hours per day for 3 weeks. It really depends on factors like in how much detail are you going to study?, will you be taking your own notes?, how much computer and cloud knowledge you have prior to this?. To sum it all up, it shouldn't take you too long to clear the exam, even if you are a complete beginner.

What about the resources?

For the AZ-900 Exam, resources are abundant. The best part, it's all free! Following are some of the best study material available in my opinion:

  • Official Microsoft AZ-900 Learning Pathway; I think it's your best bet, It covers all the syllabus according to the exam (The great news is that it's now updated according to the new syllabus!).
  • Adam Marzak YouTube Channel; My personal favourite, he makes amazing and comprehensible video lectures with (cute!) visual animations which make it easy to grasp complex concepts.
  • John Savill YouTube Channel; Although his video lectures steer towards concepts that are somewhat unrelated to the exam and it gets a bit confusing (especially if you are a beginner), But still I think his content is very useful. He even has updated lectures according to the new syllabus.

Shortcut to success? (dumps)

By now, you probably have seen the word dumps splattered around. Dumps is another word for past-exam-questions. Let's get this straight, attempting dumps is very important! Why? Firstly, they can help you realise the areas in which you are lacking and you further solidify your knowledge in the that area. Moreover, you will get an idea of what type of questions are asked in the exam. And most importantly, majority of the questions are repeated.


If you only rely on dumps and don’t actually study and research the concepts, your understanding won't be concrete and in actual work environments, you will show terrible lacking. Try not to fall too deep into the rabbit hole.

Where to look for dumps?

Looking for dumps is not as easy as you might think at first. Firstly, there is a plethora of shady websites begging you to pay for dumps, never do that! don't pay a penny. Moreover, irresponsible authors have stated wrong answers to questions, so make sure to do your research rather than blindly trusting them! I have had good experience with the following websites:

Sum it all up

No need to pay a dime. All resources are widely available for free (AZ-900 Learning Path, YouTube Channels). Definitely make sure you are aware of the new changes to the syllabus. Do practice dumps, but don’t fall too deep into the rabbit hole. Make sure you have sound knowledge of the concepts!

Best of luck, I believe in you!

(Note: This is my first blog ever, it would mean a lot if you can review my performance in the comments. Thanks for reading! 😊)

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Yuri Augusto

Very nice dude. I'll start study for this very soon

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Raahim Zeeshan

Thank you!

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Very nice and practical piece of information for all those who want to start their career in cloud, specially Azure. Well written article.

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Raahim Zeeshan


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Zain Baloch

Very Informative! and thanks for porviding these resources! Currently, I am learning AWS but now I can consider taking AZ-900 test too!

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Raahim Zeeshan

I'm so glad you liked it! Gook luck with your tests!