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Rachel Soderberg
Rachel Soderberg

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Why Are Some Problems More Satisfying to Solve Than Others?

My manager and I were having a discussion about this yesterday and I wanted to bring it up to a larger sounding board to see what more developers have to say about it:

Do you find algorithms and puzzling problem solving in code to be far more interesting and satisfying to solve than strange and ambiguous issues with code that "should work" but doesn't? (Example: Project sends true response to SOAP message from local Development environment, but once you move it to the Test server it returns an ambiguous error message)

We ended up solving the issue with the SOAP request by the way - 8 hours in we realized we were missing the server's IP in our Salesforce network whitelist.

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Rachel Soderberg

Great point! I think that helps me articulate my frustration with certain problems better, as well - I love when something seemingly difficult ends up being easy. Quite the opposite, I find myself getting really frustrated when something that seems like it should have been a simple change takes a day (or three) to resolve.

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Johannes Vollmer

I feel different than Neil. I love working out solutions to problems that I don't know the answer to - however already having an answer that should work but doesn't due to unintuitive design of the tools I use is not that much fun.