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Web Dev Book Club: The Lean Startup

The Lean Startup

Grow as a web developer by reading The Lean Startup by Eric Reis. Yes, it’s a business book, but you’ll be a much better web developer after reading it.

The old way of starting a business was to come up with an idea, go away for months to build it, and finally release it with your fingers crossed 🤞. The Lean Startup teaches you a new method that removes a lot of the risk and makes building a new business cheaper. Here’s what you’ll learn as a web developer:

  • 💸 Building everything at once is a bad (and expensive) idea. Build your projects incrementally and save your clients/employers money by recommending they do the same.
  • 💼 Learning the techniques of The Lean Startup is critical if you’re going to be working with startups (because they’re most likely building their companies on the foundation of this methodology). If you’re not working with startups, you can start to share these lessons with your clients. They’ll see you less as a “developer” and more as a “consultant.” This means you have a greater chance of delivering them success and you can charge more money.

Grab your copy on Amazon.

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