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MojiWriter : Easy Way To Use & Manage Emojis

My Weekend Project

A weekend project arose from something I wanted.

App Requirements

Originally I just wanted one thing:

  • A way to easily select and copy an emoji into a document I was typing.

But, as I began developing the app I wanted a bit more.

  • A way to see and grab Recently Used emojis (ones I commonly used)
  • UI which grouped similar emojis so I could find them more easily
  • A way to view emojis at a larger size
  • A way to add new emojis to a custom list so I can expand the emojis I can use.
  • A way to select numerous emojis at a time (click all emojis you want, right-click and copy).
  • Create it as a pure HTML5 (HTML, JavaScript, CSS) using Bootstrap
  • Make it available via FOSS (Fully Open Source Software) on Github.
  • Run as a desktop app (via ElectronJS)

Initial Release

You can see the current project at my web site:

Stores Everything In LocalStorage

This app saves all your custom emojis and your recent emojis to your localStorage so each time you return you will see your custom emojis and recently used list.

Bootstrap 5.x

This project uses the latest Bootstrap 5.0 for styling and it really made it easy to create the interface that groups the emojis.

Adding Custom Emojis

Here's how easy it is to add one or more custom emojis.

  1. Go to a site like and select a category.
  2. Find an emoji you want to add.
  3. copy the emoji

spouting whale

  1. click the Custom (pill) button on the mojiWriter UI.
  2. paste emoji(s) into the text box
  3. click the Save button

save custom step 1

Your emojis are saved to the custom tab.

save custom step 2

Click the XX-Large button to see them at a larger size.
When you select them (for copying) they will be added to your Recent list.

recent list

Now you have an easy way to add emojis to any document and collect custom emojis, all in one place.

Try it out.

Future Development - ElectronJS Desktop app

Next, I will convert this HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap project into an ElectronJS app so it can be installed on any platform (Win10, Linux, MacOS).

When the conversion is complete it'll mean that you can run the app directly from your desktop like any other desktop app.

Top comments (6)

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NaveenKumar Namachivayam ⚡

Cool. Can we have touch to copy :)

raddevus profile image

Thanks for checking it out and commenting. If you are on a phone or device you can tap each one you want to copy. Then if you long-hold you should get a popup that gives you a context menu which will allow you to Copy. It would be nice to maybe have a button to fire the copy function and I've done that work in other apps, but copying to clipboard comes with some security challenges and doesn't always work great in web apps (mostly doesn't work on iOS Apple devices).

qainsights profile image
NaveenKumar Namachivayam ⚡

Understood. Thanks :)

patarapolw profile image
Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

I use gnome-characters.

pugcondoin profile image
Mark "niteCoda" Freeman

That's very clever - well done and thanks for sharing

raddevus profile image

Thanks for taking a look at it and commenting. 👍🏽