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Radix DLT - JavaScript Client Library


A JavaScript client library for interacting with a Radix Distributed Ledger.

For an overview of the main components of the library and how they fit together, read this blog post.

Note: this library and the network itself are currently in Alpha development phase. Please report any issues in the GitHub issue tracker.


-Full Typescript support
-Follow the reactive programming pattern using RxJS
-Cryptography using the elliptic library
-Automatically manage connections to the Radix Universe in a sharded environment
-Communication with the Radix network using RPC over WebSockets
-Read Atoms in any address
-Write Atoms to the ledger
-End-to-end data encryption using ECIES


To install the library using your preferred package manager:
yarn add radixdlt or npm install radixdlt --save

Example applications

-Front-end example using Vue.js
-Express.js server example


To build the library using your preferred package manager:

yarn install && yarn build or npm install && npm build


Run tests with yarn test.

Known issues


Apparently, on Angular 6+ versions, the node modules polyfills from webpack are not bundled. To fix your issue with crypto, path, etc. go to

node_modules/@angular-devkit/build-angular/src/angular-cli-files/models/webpack-configs/browser.js and do the following change:

node: { crypto: true, path: true }

Note: this is not a reproducible fix. If you install your modules in a new location, you will lose this change.

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