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Backend projects ideas

radoslaven profile image radoslaven ・1 min read

Greetings from a backend developer currently learning some front-end technologies like JavaScript and AngularJS in particular.

Since I am new to this platform, I only saw some front-end projects ideas and tutorials but not so many backend. I am consulting students right know and I was wondering what ideas I could use, we are using Python and Java, Django and Spring and NewSQL (no particular primary usage of one or another).

Also, I could think or google some ideas but what I wanted is something unique and not available or limitingly available anywhere, yeah we could create a shop app or something like that, but I think that this is too basic and would not attract recruiters if they decide to apply somewhere.

Thanks in advance!


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A tinder kind of app for professional.


Why you just limit the project ideas to back-end stack! , as a customer or a user of your project, I will use it with a complete User interface, so try thinking about innovation projects by integrating new technologies trends like Blockchain, AI, data science, etc ..


While I totally agree with you I think that would be too much and I don't want to be harsh but today, many of the students worldwide don't study Data Science or AI and are heavily focused on software development and management and if they don't have the experience in a company or a side course it would be hard to understand what they are doing if implementing a technology associated with Blockchain for example. I am facing difficulties even though I am a big fan of this kind of development (blockchain) since 2014 when it was introduced in my country and people starting chatting about it. However, I would be happy if you give me info on projects based on Blockchain and Open source so I can keep it and fetch it for experience.


Hi man, there are a lot of use cases that can be implemented with Blockchain technology, you can check this link: ibm.com/blockchain/use-cases/index..., what difficulties that you got? and for my opinion, I think you should focus on software development while you are a beginner, for example, you can't be a good blockchain developer if you're not good at software development, you should have skills in DevOps, back-end development t, front-end dev because you will need a lot of technologies to implement a complete blockchain solution