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Rafael Calpena
Rafael Calpena

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Happy Labor Day! What are you thankful for in your profession? And what could be improved?

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Vitor Paladini • Edited on

I'm grateful for the social mobility that I can enjoy as a programmer. I come from an underprivileged background and this industry provided me with opportunities that I couldn't have dreamt of.

I'm not rich (yet?) but I have enough to pay a small apartment mortgage, monthly expenses, help my parents and still save quite a bit of money. It feels really good.

When I was younger I made some beer money with freelancing, that was cool too. 😄

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Rafael Calpena Author

Definitely! It's great to see more people enjoying the social mobility in the Development area. I would say being a programmer has a low barrier to entry too, as long as one is determined success has a big chance of showing up.
Congratulations, and keep up the hard work!

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Vitor Paladini

Thanks! I feel like the odds for developers are better indeed. Some luck and connections go a long way but I can't think of another career where college dropouts like me would have so many growth opportunities.

Take a look at this:


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