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What aliases and scripts do you use?

rafi993 profile image Rafi ・1 min read

As developers we use a lot of alias and small scripts to automate boring stuff. Here is my commonly used alias and scripts. What do you use?

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Ben Sinclair

I only use a couple, because I'm not overly keen on aliases.
I use them for cosmetic things, like alias pacman='pacman --color=always'. That's safe, because it's not changing the way I would expect pacman to work on my system, a foreign system or in a shell script.
I also have a couple of hyper-specific things that I put in aliases just because they're too small to bother with making into scripts :)

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Rafi Author

I did not know about --color option in pacman it is cool.

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David Romero

alias c=clear
alias g=git
alias p=ping
alias s=ssh
alias m=mvn
alias n=nvim