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Mir Rahed Uddin
Mir Rahed Uddin

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My first project in Visual Basic.NET

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Reason behind the Project

One of the first projects that, I have created in Visual Basic.NET is a text-editor application.

In the most common scenario, Notepad is one of the first text editors that we have introduced when we started using the computer for the first time. And similar goes with me, Notepad is the first text editor that I have used. After some time using it, I started liking this application. Yes, it is not the most powerful text-editor but we have to agree that, it is one of the simplest & most used applications in the computers. And that motivates me to create a similar application, like Notepad.

Likely at that time, I was a bit familiar with the Visual Basic framework. And I started creating it in Visual Studio (2013 edition), after a week later I finished the project.

How was the Experience

In that one week, I have learned so many basic things about the development. Like, how to create a basic application interface, coding, handling run time errors, and so on. And most importantly, I learned, using an application and creating an application are completely two different things. Creating something, required countless time & effort compared to just using it.


After creating the application, I published it on

You can check it from this link

I have also created a Word-Processor application. You can check this too from this link. Basically I extend some of the functionality of my text-editor application

Word Processor

Source code

You can also download the source code, and modify the application according to your needs.

Github Link

Direct Download

I would appreciate if you share your experience regarding your first project in the comment section below

Thank you.


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