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How to host image for free ? and use anywhere...

Hello, If you want to add image in codepen editor then its not going to work if you are not a pro user.
So using this simple trick you can host image from github and use anywhere on the internet.
1 : Go to and create a empty repo ex- host-image
2 : got to issue section and create a issue
3 : Drag and drop the image you want to host
4 : Then it will generate a url
5 : Use this url to codepen or anywhere

I hope you like it if you know some other tricks please share!
you can follow me on twitter @codezada to more web dev tricks.

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Richard Lee

If you want free image hosting with a ton of awesome bells and whistles, the cloudinary free plan is pretty awesome.

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Another great option (for basically unlimited storage) is to upload your images to Github, then use something like Statically or jsDelivr to server them. Plus, you get the benefit of an ultra-fast CDN :). If you need an API (dynamically upload images) then your best choice may be Cloudinary.

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Areeb ur Rub

Yeah, this can be done but it don't feels ethical to do this.
Either you can use firebase file hosting it's simple to use and for this purpose only.

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Imgur is also a very basic option

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Khaled Monsoor

for my blog images, imgur works perfectly. Also, automatically generates resized images as well.
Imgur supports hot-linking pretty well.

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You won't even need to create an issue, you can just upload an image as a static asset and use it's url right from the browser.

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Pradheepa P

enabling github pages to the repo would convert to the static website and the url can be used as well. would be the right way to use hosting platforms rather than doing the trick.