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Rahul Banerjee
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15 Funny Memes for Software Developers

Some programming humor to get you through your week

0. When you count objects, you unknowingly start counting from 0

Array Index Meme

1. You don’t have trouble naming folders and files since you spend most of your time naming variables

Code Variable Name Memes

2. If your code compiles and works in the first try, you get suspicious

Code Compilation Meme

3. A non-technical person will find your google searches really disturbing

Programmer’s search history meme

4. Debugging can take anywhere between a minute to a day

Debugging Meme

5. Semicolons, Brackets and Parenthesis are evil

Missing Semi-colon, parenthesis meme

6. You don’t know what that line of code does but deleting it is gonna crash your entire application

7. Most of your google searches end with “not working”

8. Going on a rant when someone who knows HTML and CSS says they are a programmer

HTML/CSS is not a programming language

9. You can not try to solve a bug the next day with a fresh perspective….. because you can never stop thinking about it

Thinking about bugs in code while sleeping

10. Sometimes, you ponder ‘is it even a bug if you can not reproduce it?’

11. CSS

CSS is awesome

12. It might not be an ideal solution but it is a solution

inefficient code memes

13. Git it?

Git memes

14. Who wrote this inefficient piece of code? Oh wait it was me

Git Blame Memes

If you have come this far, here is a bonus Linux joke for you 😄

Linux Memes

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