Day 10: Algorithms

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Finding a Job (10 Part Series)

1) Day 1: Looking out 2) Day 2: Relearning Dagger 2 3 ... 8 3) Day 3: Implementing offline app access 4) Day 4: Kotlin coroutines and app testing 5) Day 5: Test, testing, tested 6) Day 6: Android Navigation component and interview preparation 7) Day 7: Hey look, I got a list of elephants 8) Day 8: Repository, tested 9) Day 9: Display list of elephants 10) Day 10: Algorithms

I got an interview tomorrow, so I started brushing up my algorithms knowledge.

I have never had a pleasant experience learning algorithms because most resources are filled with jargon and very less real-world applications.

Thankfully, I found a book that makes learning popular algorithms fun. Here it is:

That's most of today's update. Check out the book if you struggle with algorithms, like me.

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