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Rahul Chowdhury 🕶
Rahul Chowdhury 🕶

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Day 5: Test, testing, tested

Hiya, it's the 5th day of my job hunt journey.

Update so far

I worked on handling heavy tasks like network and database calls using Kotlin coroutines yesterday.

Got into BindingAdapter by hooking up Glide to load images into my layout using data binding. It was straightforward.

After that, I watched a Google I/O'19 talk on what's testing like on Android and how to structure Android apps for scalable testing.

Here it is:

It gave me a direction to move forward.

Doing today

I'm trying out a code lab on testing to get the hang of how to test Android apps.

Once I get a definite taste of testing, I'm planning to dig deeper into the subject by following this guide:

Any other stuff that I should check out regarding the subject?

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Rahul Chowdhury 🕶

Implemented unit tests for my view model. 😁