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How to code fast and type efficiently 😎

Speeding up your coding skills is an important factor for all the coders. Many of them have no clue as to how to improve coding speed. Some try to rush through the code and end up with a bunch of bugs. Other few take their time and end up with an unbeaten timeline. Here are the major things to be taken care of if you want to improve coding speed.

Some people think that to speed up coding, we need to improve typing speed or writing speed on a whiteboard. But in reality, typing speed is not important at all.

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Improving your code typing speed


  • Your knowledge, of the language, is a key factor for fast coding. Imagine how much time you could save if a big function you wrote could be replaced by a simple library function. If you are good at the language, you will know which could be the fastest way to code.
  • Invoke utility programs to perform the work. If there is a sorting utility, invoke it rather than writing a subroutine or inline code to perform the selection/sorting that is required. The utility is already tested while your code is not. Avoiding coding as much as possible is the greatest improvement.
  • Plagiarize your code or the code of others (Yea you read right. This could be helpful). There is no design time. What you borrow already does what you need or something close to it.
  • Using keyboard shortcuts In the beginning it could seem to be frustrating, but once you are used to it, it changes things. You get to do everything with the keyboard and your hand rarely goes to the mouse. VS CODE Keyboard shortcuts

Sources For increasing Typing speed

  • Keybr - (It has best type of words to practice while typing online.)
  • SpeedCoder - (Practice Typing Source Codes of your favourite language with finger guiding system.)
  • The Practice Test - (Here you can Practice typing programming code to increase your coding speed and expand or review your technical vocabulary at the same time.)
  • How to type - (Practice typing programming syntax with real code! Learn to type tricky symbols, brackets and braces faster and more accurately. Prevent typos from disrupting your coding flow.)

Writing Efficient Codes

Coding efficient will reduce resource consumption and completion time as much as possible with minimal risk to the business or operating environment. The software product quality can be accessed and evaluated with the help of the efficiency of the code used.


  • HTML/CSS/JS Code Improver is a simple, no-frills website that allows you to quickly tidy up and format your HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It’s a great way for a team of developers to standardize JavaScript code format for easier readability and collaboration. Don't get any app or anything else you can simply use many websites just paste your codes there and it will take max one second (depending on your internet connection) and will give you your same dirty code written in the best way. Just copy it and paste it in your project.

    Beautifier (This website has these 3 languages)

  • Google Sitemap Generator: Quickly generate a sitemap file based on the Sitemap XML protocol without you having to write it yourself.

    Link - GoogleSiteMap Generator

  • Google Web Toolkit: write high-performance Ajax applications quickly using Java and the compiled output is highly-optimized JavaScript files.

    Link - Google WebToolKit

  • Using CSS Sprite Generator - it allows you to upload all of your images (you have to place them in a .zip file first) and it will combine the uploaded images into a single sprite and also generate the CSS for you.

    Link - Using CSS Sprite Generator



  • Create the right work environment :
    Constant interruptions, uncomfortable circumstances, and endless meetings discourage flow. Make sure that you are in an environment that will not distract you; make it impossible for distractions to interrupt you. Always work during your peak time — not someone else's.

  • Knowing how to interact with people will let you learn from and teach those around you with less friction and more joy.

  • Learn memoization / dynamic programming. Generally, if you need to repeat a complex computation, it might be better to store it and then do a simple lookup later.

  • Premature optimization is a mistake. Computers and compilers generally do a great job where you expect they might fail. It's just too complex to predict what will happen.

  • Profile (measure) where your code is slow. Optimize this code. It probably won't be what you expect.

  • Coders need to be problem solvers. The process of programming requires that we properly break down complicated problems, plan and implement solutions and figure out all possible inconsistencies/bugs in code.

  • Plan out the flow of your program first. If you have a plan you have a clear execution in mind. If you have a clear execution in mind your code will be clean. Think of it like a government who promises everything but has no plan. So the outcome is a Mess even if they try to complete every task. But on the other hand, a HouseWife knows how she wants to maintain her kitchen & she does it. A Pre Planned Execution is all it takes to shorten the code.

Thanks For Reading. I hope you liked the tips.

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Łukasz Wielgus

Checkout The best typing speed test for programmers in more than 30 languages.

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meleu is also an awesome website for type practicing. Very clean/minimalistic look, no ads... helps to keep you focused.

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Akhil Kokkula

Here's a good resource for touch typing code syntax: